Understanding the Deepest Meaning of Sex

by Shastra on March 25, 2017

Posted: March 25th, 2017


Within our beliefs about sex and our own sexuality,  lie  our core fears as humans  about our very existence.



It is pleasurable.

It gets us out of our head

Especially in the genital area it feeeeels so good, sometimes almost mesmerizing

The anticipation of it helps us feel alive

Our blood vessels enlarge

Our bodys frequency increases

Our immune system becomes regulated



Excitement  every time,  its an opportunity to get a glimpse of  feeling accepted and loved by another

An opportunity to extend our loving nature and risk/hope for acceptance of our self expression

We also get a glimpse of true connection




My performance was way below average

I didn’t last long enough

I wasn’t open enough to my partner

I was too shy or too wild

My body will not be pleasing to them



I feel too needy and I’m afraid I will show it and they will back away

My sex drive is TOO INTENSE and they will get scared off



However, there is a whole realm of deeper fears that can surface around sex, the anticipation of sex and the actual act or merging of two sexual beings.  Most people aren’t even aware that in order to move into the highest, most open and ecstatic level of sexual merging, some very deep purging and release at the sub conscious level is imperative. Most people miss this opportunity.

To really become a conscious lover one must be willing to explore the depths of their own shadow.

This is the path of the tantric student. It is not an easy path, but the final rewards can be astounding!

It is almost unlimited, the depths a person can go, until he realizes that literally every single negative self assessment he holds about himself can be traced back to and will, I assure you, be transmitted, thru his body, emotionally  and thru his energy field during the act of sex. 

In this way, the unconscious lover, may be opening herself up to actually taking on more than she can handle from  a partner who is not interested in becoming conscious about his own sexuality.


Will I cease to exist. Will I dissolve into nothingness —death

If I really surrender and let go I will have to face and feel all the ways I am Not Good Enough

I have to hold back a little to preserve who I am

The ancient tantric adepts were right when they said, “The path of tantra is a fast track to enlightenment!!!  BECAUSE…. GUESS WHAT…. Hi Sex….DOES take us to the brink,  AND we can and will dissolve into nothingness….. if we dare go there!!!!

Who has the courage to consciously explore, feel and experience their deepest fears in life in general let alone thru the act of conscious sexual merging!!!!

Surface, shallow, genital sex IS …..much safer!!!! But….you are missing out on an opportunity to attain TRUE ONENESS AND COMPLETENESS….. With Oneself!!! That’s the only kind of completeness there is.

It IS— enlightenment!!!
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The Purest Heart

by Shastra on December 24, 2016

Posted: December 24th, 2016



Is it self expression and acceptance of that self expression? 

 …A beginning

We do need each other but they are incomplete too

When we see that Nothing is on the outside,  & that no lover, no event, can complete us

We can relax and allow ourselves to go within

A feeling of deep fulfillment on the inside…..

How…..  willingness to have profound and intimate  contact with absolutely everything, the land you walk on, the water you drink,  the air you breathe,  all ideas, all people,

Have tremendous courage…..

Love your  sexual energy knowing that it IS spiritual energy & is your essence of true love

It will become easier soon

Re-establish a deep connection to our hearts

……Have tremendous courage

And connect deeply with your emotions so you can fully connect with your heart


Has shed the layers of wanting to protect itself imposed by the mind

Feels excitement at every chance to love

The hearts  amazing love ….just is

 Fulfills itself and our body’s along with it

Permeates all of life

Is the true connection with  creation & the stars

I Love You,




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