What Does It Feel Like at The Height of Full Body Orgasmic Experience?

by Shastra on June 2, 2013

Posted:June 2, 2013

  ‘What Does It Feel Like at The Height of Full Body Orgasmic Experience?’

There are different levels of Full Body Orgasmic Experiences and of course it is hard to describe in words.

 The Subtle Experience~

I love the subtle experience where a soft undulation takes over….. and my whole body softly oscillates~~~~~~ like a wave, like a ribbon ~~~~~~~ rolling and rippling ~~~~~ up and down my spine.

I can barely direct it ~~~~ all of my chakras, from the 1st to my 3rd eye, are in continuous fluid motion…….my body slinking like a snake.

The relaxation & expansiveness I feel is sublime, vast, sumptuous. My bodies energy has taken over & begins to vibrate as if my cells have expanded 10 feet out. It is involuntary, spontaneous, instinctual, & delicious! I have to force myself to stop! 

The More Cosmic Experience~

The cosmic Full Body Orgasmic Experience happens when my crown is fully activated. In this experience I am feeling totally limitless………. & totally In Love with Existence. My own existence becomes one with all that is. …………..I am floating……. in a Sea of Love…… I Am Love…… & Bliss……The feeling of Ecstasy is overwhelming…..

As I bring this feeling back into my body, my crown and heart chakra connect, and this time, the back of my heart chakra blows open…. with an astonishing tingling sensation that lasts for an hour.

And guess what! The experience I am describing can be cultivated by choosing to involve the sex center ….Or Not!!! AND… can be experienced with or with out a partner!!! It’s all in the Breath!

Something to anticipate!

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Blessings & Love


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