The Ingredients for True Intimacy

by Shastra on February 2, 2015

Posted: February 2nd, 2015


One of the greatest obstacles I have found in creating deep intimacy or a deeply fulfilling one time sexual experience is lack of open sexual communication. Although the language of the body does a powerful job of communication non verbally; without bringing consciousness to our sexual experiences we can never experience the transformation that tantric practices offer. How do we do this?

 Self Reflection ~ Self Awareness ~

Make a commitment to yourself that you will spend some time after each lovemaking experience, reflecting on the quality of each experience, how it differed from the previous experience, where did you feel open to your partner, where did you feel armoured; Where can you be more honest with yourself….about identifying exactly how you would like to be touched. And then what is your timidity about regarding asking for these things from your partner? Do you really know your body…can your body speak to you? The body is such a sacred bridge to your eternal happiness.

 Partnered Communication ~

Create a time to come together taking turns expressing from the deepest part of yourself, 

Voicing before lovemaking, how we are feeling, expressing our desires, our hesitations and our longings to your partner. ASK FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

 Conscious Lovemaking ~

Take turns. Let one evening be devoted to allowing one partner to be the giver, who takes on the role of only serving the other. Allow 2 hours. The receivers job is to continually ask for what ever you want from you partner until you are exhausted. This is actually an ancient tantric practice. The giver can offer observations during the session about the partners energy and level of tension , etc. that the receiver may be holding. 

 Meditation ~

Osho says, by bringing a meditative quality to the sex act it is transformed into love. Meditate together before lovemaking, just by being silent for a time honors the yin aspect of yourself. This is so important and will dramatically change your experience.

 After your lovemaking session is complete, sit side by side each other drawing your own energy back into yourself.

 Then later go back into the state of self reflection~~~~ reflecting on the quality of the experience…..


This is The Way of The Tantric Master!

There are more advanced meditations available.

Ask Shastra!

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