Tantric Readings



A Tantric Reading is a great way to get started on your tantric path. You will learn so much about yourself & receive rewarding insights that will help you open up to greater  love & intimacy..

Available by Zoom or In Person.

In a reading Shastra will help you :

  • Identify  your tantric type(s). 
  • This includes information to help you understand your body language, and your emotional temperament and how to interact with a partner of a different tantric type.
  • Each tantric type also experiences orgasms differently
  • What is your natural sensual ~  sexual  expression thru body movement
  • Answer any questions related to relationships & the path of tantra.

 Shastra is a Master Intuitive Tantric Reader. Her intuitive abilities come from a place of great knowing from her ancient inner teachers. This is the highest form of intuitive awareness.  Her 20 year background in psychology, energy healing, integrated with a deep tantric perspective, will create a moving experience for you. 

The cost of a tantric reading session is $75.00. In that time we will talk about a lot of things, I will make many assessments, including your chakras, which is an important aspect in opening up sexually, spiritually and in relationships.


“Shastra nailed me. Her assessment of the  problem I was having was so accurate, it stunned me!  And she created a solution for me that was very effective!”


  •  E mail Shastra to schedule your appointment ~ Goddess.Shastra@gmail.com
  • Send Shastra one recent head shot (taken within the last 2 weeks if possible & one or more photos showing  your  full torso, (not farther away that 7 feet)   


  •   Sample Reading:

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