Sex and Ascension

by Shastra on September 11, 2016

Posted: September 11th, 2016


I have a question for you!  Can you describe what happens to you and what it feels like at the height of an orgasmic experience?

 What is sexual energy in its purest essence, without thoughts about what it represented in the past, or what emotional ties to sex we have developed, or what dependence we may have on the sexual experience?

The mind does play an important role, biologically in creating a pleasurable sexual experience in that the activation of the pineal gland and pituitary greatly assist our sex center to relax and open.

What happens when we allow this indescribable, beautiful, sexual energy to flow through every cell of our body and allow it to activate all energy centers of the body, and all of our subtle bodies?


When we experience this level of pleasure…ordinary sex becomes….Hi Sex… Then we realize that this sensation IS THE ENERGY TO POTENTIATE OUR ASCENSION!

I ONCE MET A MAN NAMED Michael Monk, a man who has the ability to partially dematerialize his body. In studying with him and learning his ‘Mastery of Enlightenment’ program, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the very first exercise in the program, which he says is the most important…. is the very exercise that I offer in my Level Two, ‘Full Body Awakening’ Workshop!

I have had the personal experience of feeling as if my legs were going to dematerialize during one of the daily practice breath work exercises that I do.


I know that our bodies, not our minds alone, hold the key for expanded states. For me, if I forget to do my practice I can slip into ordinary human states, we all experience; confusion, worry, and compression.

Human beings have only one energy, and in its raw, unrefined state this is sex. Through the practice of Tantra, your sexual energy becomes refined, leading you on a path to spiritual awakening.

 The intensity of sexual energy cannot be matched with any emotion known to humans. The force instigated by sexual energy can override even the most intense fears in a human; there is enough evidence to suggest that humans can undertake some extremely risky behaviors under the influence of this energy, which they would not dream of doing if they were not taken up by it. No other force has the power to inject the amount of courage, fearlessness, imagination, impetus, motivation and creativity that the force of sexual energy has. This is one reason why sex is the most sought after activity by humans and why sex is the major topic of discussion in all spiritual and religious literatures.

 When you don’t expend sexual energy through a physical release, it seems to channel into creative actions automatically – getting things done which you might not have had the energy to do previously.

– The force of this sexual energy has the power to burn through resistances within you (that arise from fears or phobias in the mind) – it’s like being under the influence of a powerful drug while also being conscious in its wake.

Be authentic/honest within yourself to recognize if you are a prisoner to your sex drive or if you are stable enough in your being to be able to contain this sexual energy without it playing the master.

With Ecstatic Love,


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