Recovery From Sex Addiction

by Shastra on January 17, 2012

RECOVERY FROM SEX ADDICTION: Posted- January 17th 2012

Through the ‘Sensual Spirit Tantric Healing Program’


Tony had a 20 year history of sex addiction. From the age of 16, Tony had a major problem controlling his sexual urges.  As a result, Tony was thought of as TOO aggressive by most young women and he had difficulty sustaining any long term relationships. 

The strong sexual urges had a hold on Tony. He preferred the excitement of going from one brief affair to another. (His dopamine levels fluctuated dramatically due to excessive lower chakra masturbation.)

Tony’s attitude was, “Women will just have to put up with me.” He was demanding of women as a cover up for the feelings of confusion & self hate that was always knawing at his core.

Sex addiction can be triggered by many factors but the result is most always sexual shame and very low self esteem.  Sexual shame can be the result of one or more significant events or an ongoing negative emotional environment, but the motivation to continue acting out is always the same, TO ANESTHESTIZE EMOTIONAL PAIN.

In Tony’s case, an on going environment of being under constant pressure from his Dad, to ‘BE A MAN’, and TO BE ‘GOOD ENOUGH’, created tremendous ongoing stress for Tony.  Tony’s father, a sex addict, was verbally abusive, threatening & demanding of both sons. And in addition was constantly threatening to leave the family. The impending abandonment itself was enough to motivate Tony’s addiction.

Tony needed an outlet for his stress. And his first sexual experience at age 16, provided an intensely pleasurable new avenue.

Once an addiction sets in, with a predictive pattern established, conventional treatment such as therapy alone, rarely yield life transforming results.


“It has been my observation that with sex addiction, there is rarely a connection  between the sex center and the crown chakra, and in addition, with the crown chakra invariably closed,  it can be extremely difficult to shift out of the addiction. I have observed many people with sex addiction stay stuck in their addiction for literally decades, using behavior modification, and attempted abstinence alone.

An open crown chakra through specific tantric practices &  spiritual integration modalities that I recommend, can open a person to state of joy and connectedness with a higher power that a 12 step program alone cannot accomplish. In addition, it is imperative to identify the ONSET of the addiction and to shift the resulting trauma out of the body to see any lasting results.”


Through ‘The Sensual Spirit Tantric Healing Program’

 The 1st Step:

The 1st step in helping Tony, was to identify the original onset of the addiction; when the behavior first started. In Tony’s case, it was initiated by one of a series of incidents where Tony’s father emotionally belittled him in front of several female peers at age 15.

 Then, Shastra guided him through a series of two, ‘Deep Core Transformaton / Tantric Breath Work’ sessions, to successfully release the trauma from the amygdala & hypothalmus.

 he next step for Tony was two fold: 

. First, to open the chakras, specifically the heart and crown, and create strong connections between all chakras, through tantric breath work sessions & active tantric breath meditations.

. At that point, Tony was clear enough, with enough trauma reduced, and enough consciousness about his issues, to work with a dakini; who did hands on work with Tony to shift and disperse the strong sexual energy and show Tony how to integrate breath to do this himself.

In this way, Tony developed the confidence that he needed  that he could actually have control over his sexual urges himself!

 The Final & Key Step:

Tony’s father’s oppressive and abusive control over Tony had left its mark. But after all of the previous work, there was still a missing piece. A split off part.  Tony’s father energetically pulled out of Tony, and used  Tony’s self esteem. This is VERY COMMON with  sexual addiction & other sexual abuse issues.

Shastra helped Tony identify the areas and incidents where soul loss may have occurred and  recommended  an experienced soul retrieval practitioner.

 As a result, Tony, after 20 years of a constant battle with himself and his loss of personal integrity, is fully recovered!


Introducing any soul retrieval work too soon, before Tony could move into a place of feeling truly connected to a higher source, would not have been beneficial, and could have reversed itself.

Introducing the tantric breath work and sessions with the dakini, after identifying one or more core issues that initiated his behavior & then releasing them from crucial areas of the brain; freed Tony to connect with his higher self, and accept the Spiritual Integration work necessary for a full recovery!

 Shastra  has integrated these modalities in specific sequencing thru 20 years of study & 6 yrs.observing sex addiction in a therapeutic setting.

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