Tantric Services


All services listed below are available separately or as a package and available ‘In Person’ or via Zoom.


Select the type of session from the list below. 

 E Mail Shastra with your request. Include a brief description.   

Send To:   Goddess.Shastra@gmail.com

You will then receive a link to the Booking Site/Calendar to schedule and make payment. 

(If you are booking a Zoom session you will be sent a link.)

*You may receive an Inquiry Form to fill out & return depending on the type of service.

For local clients Shastra may request you attend some tantra events first. 

* All sessions are fully clothed.

* Most sessions are available  by Zoom








TANTRIC READINGS ~ With SHASTRA ~~~1 Hour – Via  Zoom or In Person

A Tantric Reading is a great way to get started on your tantric path. You will learn so much about yourself & receive rewarding insights that will help you open up to greater  love & intimacy.

In a reading Shastra will help you :

  • Identify  your tantric type(s). 
  • This includes information to help you understand your body language, and your emotional temperament and how to interact with a partner of a different tantric type.
  • Each tantric type also experiences orgasms differently
  • What is your natural sensual ~  sexual  expression thru body movement
  • Answer any questions related to relationships & the path of tantra. Then Shastra will create a program direction for you.


” You are very warm and caring with a strong core presence, you possess a uniquely insightful awareness and you have an amazing ability to see what others don’t see in themselves. “

See ‘TANTRIC READING’ page for the details! 

$90.00 – Zoom 

$135.00 – In Person 





For singles or couples. Identify one or more core issues regarding sexuality or relationships. Receive powerful insight which can shift the blocked energy. This session type is a pre requisite for subsequent deeper sessions. 





 You will learn & practice bonding thru tantric style communication. And Practices to live in a body centered way, including the art of Devotional Touch, beginning tantric breathwork, and how to make a deep heart connection. Fun tantric practice of chakra merging, is a great way to deepen intimacy in a surprising way.  And men will learn how to satisfy the feminine’s yearning for ‘ yin’ intimacy to open her fully.  

The 4 hour hour session is packed with lots of ecstatic energy.   A very transformational  beginning to deepen your relationship with your Beloved! 


A  phone chat is included prior to the session.  You may be sent an Inquiry Form to  filled out by each partner. 

A follow up  phone call will take place  3 to 4 weeks after the last session. This is Required! I want your feedback! 

This Session also Available by Zoom in two, 2 hour parts for out of state couples. 




Our 4 -hour beginner session with you was totally life-changing.

From Pete — We feel your intimacy coaching has been a game-changer. We’ve been diligently trying to keep up with daily practices. Before our session, I naively thought that Tantra was focused only on sex. It has proven to be much more than that and has been an incredible method for showing love to each other. and has helped us keep the lines of communication open. I’m grateful to Shastra!

From Cheryl — My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and have two children in their early and mid-teens. We have a deep love for each other, but also have the usual stressors that most couples do.  Our relationship was lacking the passion and playfulness from when we were young. Goddess Shastra, you are nothing short of amazing. You are kind and gentle, open and understanding, and very experienced and knowledgeable. With one session, we left feeling closer than we had in years. THANK YOU SHASTRA!





In this 4 hour session you will learn the art of sexual dialogue; learning how, and when to talk about sex. Deepening understanding your own emotional needs and and your partners, how to hold space for each other, and be tantric teamates without taking anything personally, will catapult your desire for each other!  You will learn practices to help your partner ‘shift’ their difficult emotions and surrender and open to each other. 

 ‘The Non Verbal Emotional Expression Meditation’ with tantric breath ~  WOW! 

And you will learn several Tantric ‘pre play’ practices to start sexual bonding! (No nudity.)

Delicious homework assignments will really help each of you to be more vulnerable. 



Completion of Coaching Session,  Beginner Level

A follow up 30 minute phone call will take place 2 to 4  weeks after this session. This is Required! 

This Session also Available by Zoom in two, 2 hour part.




4 hours.

Full Body Orgasmic Lovemaking ~

You will learn: Genital toning, Ejaculation control, and Sexual breathing to move into full body orgasmic states.

You will learn what ‘Conscious Lovemaking’ is all about,  Many beautiful lovemaking practices will be introduced . You will take your intimacy to a whole new level, learning how to initiate sex on the same vibrational plane, and learn the ecstatic practice of how to use ‘The Pause in Hi Sex!

Tantric lovemaking can last for hours and creates Ultimate Confidence, and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING !!!  THERE IS NO NUDITY AT ANY PRIVATE SESSION OR WORKSHOP. 


Completion of Coaching intermediate level.

A final phone or zoom call will take place no longer than one month after completing this session. Powerful shifts can surface. Shastra wants to know about theses shifts and make any final guidance!

This Session also Available by Zoom in two, 2 hour parts.





3- One Hour  Sessions ~ In Person or via Zoom!

Perfect for out of town couples or singles. 

In the first session You will learn & practice bonding thru tantric style communication, and partnered practices  including the art of ‘Devotional Touch’. This creates an opening for deepening intimacy.

Second and third sessions will include tantric breathwork and other yummy partnered ‘pre play practices’.

The result…. AMAZING DYNAMIC LOVEMAKING!  You will learn to make love with ‘Your Whole Body’! 

You will receive homework between sessions. (ALL SESSIONS ARE CLOTHED.)


A complimentary phone call will take place prior to the first session. An Inquiry Form may also need to be filled out.

A follow up 30 minute phone call is required 3 to 4 weeks after the 3rd session. I want your feedback!




DEVOTIONAL TOUCH ~~~Instruction for Couples ~ In Person Only

Touch is an important component in the sexual healing process.  Giving & receiving the right kind of nurturing touch with your partner can create deeply intimate bonds to heal relationships.

Shastra can guide you & your partner & offer techniques and guidelines. Women require a different type of touch than men to  open to trust.

Shastra is a certified Healing Touch &  a Bio Touch practitioner.

 Please see the ‘PURCHASE SERVICES’ section to schedule your appointment & for pricing.   Packages available. 



“This practice really renewed and deepened my level of intimacy with my partner! “




Tantric breathwork coaching is available for singles & couples. Breathwork sessions are available In Person or by Zoom. 

By using the breath along with  specific physical tantric exercises you can open to achieve the capacity for full body ecstatic states that will truly be life changing.

Through this physical practice of tantra you will deepen your capacity for  love & intimacy and learn how to embrace and understand your own sexual energy .  You will learn how to direct it to any part of the body for healing.  To understand tantra you must know energy. You will be amazed at the heightened sensitivity you will experience. This practice is great for men who may have lack of self confidence in sexual relationships as well as men who experience PE or ED.  

Shastra teaches you how to work with your chakras and gradually open them and get them working in sync with each other.




“My body was vibrating rapidly & I reach a very expanded state, it was stunning!  I have experienced  wave like connections in my spine thru other work, but I have never experienced this kind of opening. Shastra was a clear and powerful teacher and catalyst for me!”



 DEEP CORE TRANSFORMATION  – With Tantric Breathwork ~~~ In Person or Zoom


This process creates a powerful way to release unwanted behaviors, feelings & old responses.

It is a doorway to self acceptance. It works with the unconscious shadow parts & takes you past your mind, transforming unconscious patterns into full conscious awareness.

This powerful process creates a simple way to give a voice to the shadow part that wants healing.  Shastra guides this part gently to finally get what it wants, allowing total collapse of the pain.

The process actually reprograms the amygdala to release the mental beliefs associate with the trauma.

Shastra skillfully integrates tantric breathwork to help you activate & release the memories more quickly.


A phone consult and ‘Inquiry Form’ is required prior to the healing session. Shastra will recommend number of sessions. 

A follow 30 minute phone consult is required 2 to 3 weeks after the session or sessions are complete. 




Thank you dear Shastra, I can tell you honestly, I danced yesterday ! I feel lighter, I am able to do more with ease! am happy to be reunited with my thymus and will continue to breathe in my younger self. I am so grateful! “

“I spent 3 days with Shastra doing amazing healing work. She helped me to release some very dense and difficult memories and emotion from my childhood around sex and shame. She was kind, patient and very connected. She taught me some really great techniques for getting started in tantra. So much info and I look forward to using them️ I definitely would do healing with her again”⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

“I accessed deep emotions that I had buried for decades. The session with Shastra was profound and life changing!”

” I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Thank you Shastra!   The fear of him leaving me is just gone — but on some level he must have known because he said to me:
 “A while back , I was talking about leaving  our relationship because of not feeling fulfilled on a lot of levels, but I realize that I wouldn’t have learned the things I am learning now and I on top of that I would miss the heck out of you. So I’ve decided that I am not going to be the one to pull the plug.   I am here with you, for however long you want me”.

 Please see the ‘PURCHASE SERVICES’ section to schedule your session.






You will deepen and renew  your relationship and  gain more awareness about your relationship to your body  & your sexuality and learn what obstacles are in the way of happiness.  Shastra will help you move  toward removing these obstacles so that you can relax and let go of all goals with your partner.   You will meet weekly, or every other week,  with homework assignments between sessions. She will guide you and your partner at each step.  This program will transform your relationship very quickly to move easily  into greater states of joy & ecstasy.!!!

You will fill out an Inquiry Form for Review by Shastra prior to your first session. 



SESSION ONE~ Being in Your Body

Assessment & goals for the program

Tantric Readings for both partners

Practices to learn ‘To Be In Your Body’ Hardly anyone is!!!

Beginning Heart Opening Practice for Enhanced Intimacy!

Solo & Partnered Practices to understand and communicate with your body

The Art & Practice of ‘Devotional Touch’


SESSION TWO ~ Chakras and ‘The Body Sacred’

Ancient teachings about ‘The Body Sacred’

Introduction to creating Tantric Meditations to initiate bonding.

The Tantric Chakra System

Chakra assessments, Chakra Merging, chakra polarities . Yummy!

Beginning Tantric Breathwork, solo and partnered.


SESSION THREE~ Tantric Communication

Enhancing Daily Communication — Practices

The Art of Sexual Dialogue–How to Communicate with your partner about sex.

Conscious awareness of your likes and dislikes

WHEN to communicate to be heard

Owning & Self reflection


SESSION FOUR~ Emotional Bonding

How to know your own emotional needs

How to honor and understand a woman’s  complex emotional needs

Turning negative emotions into continuous feelings of joy

Cultivating Passion in life and lovemaking

Powerful ‘Non Verbal’ Emotional Expression Practice with breath, (when nothing else will work) 

Proper methods of Emotional Expression  open the door to intimacy –Wide Open!


SESSION FIVE~ Tantric Preplay & Sexual Bonding

Tantric Pre Play Practices to honor both yin and yang & enhance intimacy!

Sexual Bonding Practices

Learn to re sensitize your whole body

Tantric Self Pleasuring  Instruction ~~ Wow!

Pleasuring Others 

Jewel & The Lotus Massage-  Practice for both partners

Learn G Spot massage, for men and women


SESSION SIX~ Full Body Orgasmic Practices

Learn Full Body Orgasmic Lovemaking

Genital Toning

Ejaculation Control

Sexual Breathing

Learn what Blended Orgasms are


SESSION SEVEN~ The Art of Creative Lovemaking

Sexual Pleasure  in Hi Sex

Creative Lovemaking- Never be Bored Again!

Practices to move into ’ Oneness with Your Partner’ You Have Never Experienced

Honoring Yin- The importance of yin lovemaking

How to use ‘The Pause’ in hi Sex

Creating & staying on the same vibrational plane.

Khajuraho Meditation- Powerful!

Homework-  ‘Lovemaking Under The Stars ~ ` Awakening Shakti’  8 day lovemaking experience ~~  Mind-blowing !!! 


SESSION EIGHT~ Absorbing Divine Nectar

The Art of’ Absorbing Feminine Sexual Energy & Male Sexual Energy’ DIVINE NECTAR,  for Ultimate confidence, and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING !!!

We will meet  for a total of 8 sessions.  To get the most out of this program, sessions to be spaced no more than two weeks apart.

(Separate solo emotional healing sessions may be required for each partner and are not included in this package.)

All sessions are fully clothed.


A 40 minute tantric counseling session via zoom, is required and ‘Inquiry Forms’ filled out prior to the first session. (Included)

A mandatory follow up 40 minute tantric counseling session is required 2 to 3 weeks after the last session. (Included)

$2,160 .00 


“”My wife and I recently completed Shastra’s ‘ENHANCING PLEASURE FOR COUPLES’ 8  Session Intensive.

Wow!  We are very pleased. And we found that  the kindness, wisdom  and respect that Shastra brought to the sessions, along with her education and experience, provided the comfort level we needed to open fully  and start to surrender to our own bodies.

 As each session progressed  …  We both found an increased level of relaxation in mind and body,  enhancing everything from communication to sex to sleep!  

Thank you so much Shastra!”




“There have been few people in my life that have touched me,
transformed me in the way you have. Thank you Shastra.”

“I am a doctor who works with trauma patients on a daily basis, and one of the most profound themes I have seen repeatedly is how much we hold and suppress trauma in our bodies in order to survive the daily grind. I worked through personal trauma with talk therapy which was beneficial, but not enough to forever release it. Shastra helped me identify how the trauma was blocking me from achieving the intimacy I so desired to have with myself and my partner, and we had several truly transformative sessions where I literally felt a weight being lifted from me as I purged the trauma once and for all. It was an incredible and necessary foundation to lay down in order for me to begin to connect with people in a more genuine and intimate way. Shastra is kind, loving, and intuitive – a Wise Woman in every sense of the word. I am hoping to work with her again to begin to learn the ins and outs of tantra and take my intimacy to the next level. Thank you for all you do, Shastra!!”

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