The Power of the Physical Practice of Tantra

by Shastra on October 13, 2013

Posted: October 13th, 2013

‘THE POWER of the Physical Practice of Tantra!’


“I am very happy to report that my tantric journey  has become deeper
and more fulfilling then I could have ever imagined. I have learned so
very much. I would like to share what I’ve learned and

Where to begin . . . . I am going to try and express this in levels.

What I will call Level I was the bare beginning of being able to
understand that ejaculation and orgasm aren’t the same event. They
just happen to sit on top of one another.

There is an orgasm that I will call a Level I, that occurs as
a result of  stimulation of the genitals and only genital stimulation
will bring
about ejaculation. But, there are other levels of orgasms that have
absoultely nothing to do with genital stimulation.

Level II. Breathe your way to an orgasm… No hands needed.
I started discovering the nerve currents and ways of moving and
breathing that ‘stokes the fire’ from within. This was the first
‘WOW’ !

What I have learned and experienced is that I can
have extremely intense orgasms, which I would guess – and can now very
much appreciate – is what a woman must experience. It gave me a very
real understanding of how a ‘Goddess should be worshipped’. For me,
these orgasms last as long as I want them to and come and go in
increasingly intense waves, where you scream, rock, clutch the pillow
and just go for it! Pure intense pleasure with no genital involvement
whatsoever.  These orgasms come from very deep inside. It is my experience
that stroking the lingam is but one means of stimulating this Chakra,
but it won’t awaken the ‘sleeping giant’. (the kundalini central channel
) It is really breathing, and how you breathe, that stimulates a
million of other nerve cells. I have reached a point, where the Level
II experiences would happen most of the time — but not necessarily
every day. Then came another discovery.

This is where I am now…..

Level III “If you go to sleep from a Level III experience, it will
be waiting for you when you wake up . . . !” What a delicious
occurrence ! 🙂

At first, I though it might just be a quirk. But now a little more
than a month since finding this higher level, or place, I think I can
safely state that it’s real.

What I call Level III happens after about an hour of some intense
Level II (which now occurs at will) — which builds and builds. I
just never knew that you could level off at the top of the last major
pleasure wave—and just stay there. It usually takes about an hour’s
time to ‘get there’ but who’s counting! I have found the controls!

I would describe this as a deep resonating energy flow and
vibration that goes everywhere inside — somewhat like a very large
bell ringing that only requires the slightest touch to keep it going.
There seems to be no time limit as to how long I can float there. I
don’t think the word orgasm can be used any longer to describe Level
III. Instead, I would say that Level III is a highly intense state of
well being. I have also experienced that Level III can exist
simultaneously along with the more basic Level II stuff. However,
it is the Level III intensity that stays with you well into the day
and comes back again at night, just before going to sleep. It is real
and it has become a welcomed and treasured daily experience. I have
also discovered that you can experience a Level III a Level II, and if
one wants to get the genitals involved, a Level I — all at the same
time. The Level I, as would be expected, explodes and gets over with
fairly fast. But the Level III and II intensities keep right on

I consider my experience a highly cherished gift .

I might also add that there a few side effects. Major energy, a
heightened sensitivity to colors; music, things of beauty, and
finally…it is highly addictive.

I am not sure how this translates into lovemaking. I think it will be
beautiful and very intense when or if, I find the right person to
share with.


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