Creating Sexual Harmony

by Shastra on December 12, 2011

CREATING SEXUAL HARMONY Posted- December 12, 2011


A. 20 min. of love play is the minimum time for a woman to move into full body arousal, it stimulates  and balances the hormones.

B. .If a woman gives loving touch, non erotic, to a mans genitals and then spreads the energy all  over his body, he may find it easier to continue lovemaking for a longer period of time.

C. If the Bio-Electric Circuit of the chakras  between you has not been established before love making-  Or if you find yourself in separate worlds after lovemaking, is the reason why men feel drained and fall asleep after sex. Tantric Lovemaking can be  a moment to moment experience of recharge. To create a bio electric resonance between your chakras, you can ly together and starting at the root chakra, merge your 1st chakra energy with your partners. After a few minutes, share with your partner the nature of your energy exchange, (pulsing, swirling energy, etc or no energy exchange.) If you do this before lovemaking once a week, you will see dramatic changes and alot morebonding will occur! 

D. Syncronize the breath & heart beat- at least 30 minutes for 12 nights in a new relationship, to assure physical cells and all subtle bodies are in harmony.

E. Be sure to include in preplay, light touch all over the body with both hands at once. Take turns or give simultaneously. This will activate the parasympathetic nervous system; the skin, which is the feminine essence!  Touch conveys the feelings held in your  mind. If your mind holds desire, the energy will naturally stay down in the lower chakras, but if your mind holds feelings of love, the energies will tend to naturally move up to the higher chakras.

Let me know your experiences with these practices!

Blessing Your Path of Love,


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