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We are dedicated to serving you & assisting you It is our mission & passion to guide you gently & safely into states of sexual wholeness, joy & greater intimacy, through the tantric program created here. 


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Please see the About Shastra page.

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Micheila Karrington:

Micheila is a gifted energy healer, bodyworker and medical intuitive whose talents lie in moving life force and sexual energies through the body to create healing and integration on all levels.  She is highly knowledgeable in the area of kundalini energy and cuses this energy to create physical, emotional and spiritual healing for others. Her works helps awaken a primal healing force within a person.

She had a profound and life altering experience after healing from a prolonged illness in which her kundalini life force was awakened dramatically and as a result received the ability to channel extremely strong healing energies to her clients.   She is also highly conscious of living life from an integrated place of connecting sex & spirit, allowing the experience of more pleasure, passion and joy into one’s life.   She is able to help you become aware of your body as a source of wisdom and guidance.    She brings her embodied presence, passion and intuition to help her clients transform and reclaim their sexual wholeness.   Micheila is exquisitely and divinely qualified as a healer of mind, body and spirit to enable her clients to achieve profound healing in a very integrated way. 

Micheila is a Kundalini Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master, Arolo Tifar practitioner (soon to be a Tifar Master after Jan 2012!), Psych-K practitioner, RN, and DIHom.



*Arolo Tifar

*Kundalini Reiki

*Chakra Activation

*Nitvana Bodywork

Please see descriptions under the Tantric Services page.



“Micheila is a wonderfully gifted healer who uses compassion and intuition to guide her to your needs.   I have benefitted greatly from our sessions and feel blessed to have met her.   She is able to tune in to know exactly what I am going through.  Her approach is very professional and confidential, make me feel at ease and comforted by her gentle style.   I always look forward to working with her on my healing path, she has added a whole new level I never knew was available to me, thank you and bless you!!!”

Micheila is a kind, caring person and a talented healer. I have had good results with her long-distance healing sessions of Reiki and Psych K. She has also helped me with detox issues and guided and supported me in difficult times. Her own healing story is a great encouragement to me, and I look forward to learning more about Reiki healing from Micheila in the future.    Mary W.

Micheila brings a variety of modalities to the table in her sessions, but more than that, she brings the magic and intuition of knowing what is needed for the healing and transformation her client is looking for. I have experienced her “magic” several times and it has assisted me in my journey on all levels



Shastra is an Ancient Wisdom Healer, Tantra Educator &  Workshop Leader &  is a catalyst for Full Body Awakening. She  has held a deep passion for tantra for over 20 years. Her natural life path is as a teacher, and she holds great compassion and wisdom through her teaching to offer deep personal transformation to others. She has an extensive background in psychology and energy healing. The name Shastra was given to her in 1996 by her inner teachers and means ‘One Who Imparts Timeless Knowledge’. She also received a spiritual initiation while living in Denver  several years ago, opening her  crown chakra & central channel and creating a rainbow like energy field within her, which allows a powerful transference of love energy to others. She holds a balance of Wise Woman, Feminine Woman and Wild Woman…one of her missions being to break up all patterns of resistance to Love! Her essence is Love.

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