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If you could create your perfect Pre Play experience on a Tantric Lovemaking date, what would you love to receive!  What is your personal, sexual style? Please journal every day for a week adding more each day to the following catagories. Then, get together and share your list with your partner. Also say what you do not like. Give your partner your list to use and keep for Your Pleasure!!!

You will learn a lot about your self by doing this journaling practice! You will be surprised!  If you become conscious, truly aware, of what you desire in lovemaking, moment by moment….. your lovemaking experiences will be transformed.



Describe in detail. What do you love your partner to say during preplay that helps you feel open, relaxed and excited!!  (or what your you love your partner to sing to you?)

What tone of voice would you like your partner to speak to you with?

BE SPECIFIC  and keep adding every day until you feel excited and complete!


What kind of sounds would you love to hear during pre play…. songs, tones, screams….

How would you like your partner to move during pre play…. remember you can create anything you wish!

Would you like your partner to dance for you.?


What delicious aromas would you love to smell during pre play with your partner?

The scent of a fresh peach?

A wonderful essential oil?

The scent of their worn t shirt?

Be creative!


What would you love your partner to wear (if anything), and then take off during pre play?

How would you love your partner to look at you? What type of eye contact will drive you wild?

What other visual sensations would you love to see and experience?


Where are your favorite places you love to be touched through out your whole body during pre play?

Where are your most sensitive spots to tell your partner,

Where are your least sensitive spots to ask your partner to sensitize?

Do you like light touch, firm touch?


How would you love to be kissed? With an open mouth, closed mouth, slowly, or more rapidly?   And where would you love to be kissed?

Your feet, hands, legs, arme, buttocks?  ( And of course genitals?)

How long in each area?

There are many ways to kiss thru the lips. You can explore and learn these ways!

In this way you can expand you capacity for pleasure 10,000 fold!

 With Love!






 1.First 10 days after menses, hormonally you are like a young girl, wanting to play and flirt, w/o lovemaking.

 2.Next 8 days, is the fertile phase, you are ready for passionate lovemaking.

 3.For 4 days or so before menses, self contemplative, ask for more  more yin lovemaking.

 4.Right before menses, a burst of creativity, you are wanting to complete all creative ideas started for the month. If a woman has not fulfilled intentions or lived her passions for that month, she might become depressed. Desire for more passionate sex.

 5.During menses, Rest & release, If the woman wants love making during this time, the man can reap much benefit  and transformation about death & re creation and can absorb that.

 6.Post menopausal women experience all of the above but in a milder more even way.



1 .No moon to new moon, a 2 day period where a man needs to be alone & introspective.

 2.Next 4 day period a man may be soft, tender & romantic.

 3.Next 11 days, a man experiences a build up of sexual energy peaking @ the full moon, to distribute his seed. He may experience creative genius during this time.

 4.Full moon to no moon, a man may experience a place of balance with less reproductive urges.

With So Much Love,





Within our beliefs about sex and our own sexuality,  lie  our core fears as humans  about our very existence.

Recently a  close male friend  told me that he  cheated on his partner of 4 years .For some reason it hit me hard.  It was a sick feeling, like a knot in my stomach. I couldn’t shake it.  What is this feeling, I asked myself.

Even though I intellectually understand that there are many reasons that one partner will ‘cheat’ in their relationship….   not feeling a deep connection, unfulfilling sex in their relationship,  love addiction, disconnection from their own vulnerability & personal insecurities, etc., I had to ask myself, what does this mean for me.

I remember hearing a story about a tantric couple who transcended their feelings of fear of infidelity through experiencing  just one amazing  cosmic sexual experience with one another, where they truly became ‘One’ with each other.

One of my teachers said, “ Ecstasy is a hairs breath away.  But we are terrified of  it and the closer we get to it the harder we run.” All of us, including my male friend, are looking for ecstasy. Maybe he came so close to it with his partner but ran away, to another woman. Maybe he did not yet have the courage to feel his vulnerability and personal insecurities. For me, I realized the sick feeling I experienced was due to MY TERROR OF ECSTASY! Of going all the way… inside.. of the not so good feelings. bearing my soul …. to another. 

As a woman, sexual union is so sacred to me

I feel we all have a fear;  subconsciously  we know the power of sex and its potential to take us permanently to a place of amazing  joy and to feel the feelings we once had as a whole, ascended being. If we did not hold this longing from the past, deep within our soul, it would be easier to let go of possession of another.  But…… we DO know this…. We DO remember this.  So it is a curse as well as a blessing.    This longing is of the feminine but is held within all humans. 

I feel even though it is a source of deep sadness for all of us…. The disconnection from the Highest Love…Completeness…. It is always AN OPPORTUNITY….

We can choose to push the partner away to avoid the hurt….

Or we can come closer, even through tantric sexual union with the one who hurt us…. With the intention to MORE COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THEM.

And…. We can vow to move into a state of completeness within ourself…  For me I do this though my personal  tantric breathwork practice. This way,  we can feel complete freedom within and thus give this freedom to others!!! Ahhhh!!! Feels so good!!!

 What can be the  result of practicing ‘Hi Tantric lovemaking ‘after such an experience …

‘Our Own’deepest sorrow and hurts of separation can and very well  may- be finally healed! Then, and only then, can you  truly respect and honor where another is coming from.

There is a way in tantric lovemaking to release trauma through the sex center itself!   This is where actual tantric training comes in. Through integrating the heart and the breath in our lovemaking.

WHAT IS YOUR COMMITMENT TO HEAL?   Yourself and others.

Always with you in Love,





Within our beliefs about sex and our own sexuality,  lie  our core fears as humans  about our very existence.



It is pleasurable.

It gets us out of our head

Especially in the genital area it feeeeels so good, sometimes almost mesmerizing

The anticipation of it helps us feel alive

Our blood vessels enlarge

Our bodys frequency increases

Our immune system becomes regulated


Excitement  every time,  its an opportunity to get a glimpse of  feeling accepted and loved by another

An opportunity to extend our loving nature and risk/hope for acceptance of our self expression

We also get a glimpse of true connection



My performance was way below average

I didn’t last long enough

I wasn’t open enough to my partner

I was too shy or too wild

My body will not be pleasing to them


I feel too needy and I’m afraid I will show it and they will back away

My sex drive is TOO INTENSE and they will get scared off


However, there is a whole realm of deeper fears that can surface around sex, the anticipation of sex and the actual act or merging of two sexual beings.  Most people aren’t even aware that in order to move into the highest, most open and ecstatic level of sexual merging, some very deep purging and release at the sub conscious level is imperative. Most people miss this opportunity.

To really become a conscious lover one must be willing to explore the depths of their own shadow.

This is the path of the tantric student. It is not an easy path, but the final rewards can be astounding!

It is almost unlimited, the depths a person can go, until he realizes that literally every single negative self assessment he holds about himself can be traced back to and will, I assure you, be transmitted, thru his body, emotionally  and thru his energy field during the act of sex. 

In this way, the unconscious lover, may be opening herself up to actually taking on more than she can handle from  a partner who is not interested in becoming conscious about his own sexuality.


Will I cease to exist. Will I dissolve into nothingness —death

If I really surrender and let go I will have to face and feel all the ways I am Not Good Enough

I have to hold back a little to preserve who I am

The ancient tantric adepts were right when they said, “The path of tantra is a fast track to enlightenment!!!   BECAUSE…. GUESS WHAT…. Hi Sex….DOES take us to the brink,  AND we can and will dissolve into nothingness….. if we dare go there!!!!

Who has the courage to consciously explore, feel and experience their deepest fears in life in general let alone thru the act of conscious sexual merging!!!!

Surface, shallow, genital sex IS …..much safer!!!! But….you are missing out on an opportunity to attain TRUE ONENESS AND COMPLETENESS….. With Oneself!!! That’s the only kind of completeness there is.

It IS— enlightenment!!!




RECOVERY FROM SEX ADDICTION: Posted- January 17th 2017

Through the ‘Sensual Spirit Tantric Healing Program’


 Tony had a 20 year history of sex addiction. From the age of 16, Tony had a major problem controlling his sexual urges.  As a result, Tony was thought of as TOO aggressive by most young women and he had difficulty sustaining any long term relationships.

The strong sexual urges had a hold on Tony. He preferred the excitement of going from one brief affair to another. (His dopamine levels fluctuated dramatically due to excessive lower chakra masturbation.)

Tony’s attitude was, “Women will just have to put up with me.” He was demanding of women as a cover up for the feelings of confusion & self hate that was always knawing at his core.

Sex addiction can be triggered by many factors but the result is most always sexual shame and very low self esteem.  Sexual shame can be the result of one or more significant events or an ongoing negative emotional environment, but the motivation to continue acting out is always the same, TO ANESTHESTIZE EMOTIONAL PAIN.

In Tony’s case, an on going environment of being under constant pressure from his Dad, to ‘BE A MAN’, and TO BE ‘GOOD ENOUGH’, created tremendous ongoing stress for Tony.  Tony’s father, a sex addict, was verbally abusive, threatening & demanding of both sons. And in addition was constantly threatening to leave the family. The impending abandonment itself was enough to motivate Tony’s addiction.

Tony needed an outlet for his stress. And his first sexual experience at age 16, provided an intensely pleasurable new avenue.

Once an addiction sets in, with a predictive pattern established, conventional treatment such as therapy alone, rarely yield life transforming results.


“It has been my observation that with sex addiction, there is rarely a connection  between the sex center and the crown chakra, and in addition, with the crown chakra invariably closed,  it can be extremely difficult to shift out of the addiction. I have observed many people with sex addiction stay stuck in their addiction for literally decades, using behavior modification, and attempted abstinence alone.

An open crown chakra through specific tantric practices &  spiritual integration modalities that I recommend, can open a person to state of joy and connectedness with a higher power that a 12 step program alone cannot accomplish. In addition, it is imperative to identify the ONSET of the addiction and to shift the resulting trauma out of the body to see any lasting results.”


Through ‘The Sensual Spirit Tantric Healing Program’

 The 1st Step:

The 1st step in helping Tony, was to identify the original onset of the addiction; when the behavior first started. In Tony’s case, it was initiated by one of a series of incidents where Tony’s father emotionally belittled him in front of several female peers at age 15.

 Then, Shastra guided him through a series of two, ‘Deep Core Transformaton / Tantric Breath Work’ sessions, to successfully release the trauma from the amygdala & hypothalmus.  

 The next step for Tony was two fold:

. First, to open the chakras, specifically the heart and crown, and create strong connections between all chakras, through tantric breath work sessions & active tantric breath meditations.

. At that point, Tony was clear enough, with enough trauma reduced, and enough consciousness about his issues, to work with a dakini; who did hands on work with Tony to shift and disperse the strong sexual energy and show Tony how to integrate breath to do this himself.

In this way, Tony developed the confidence that he needed  that he could actually have control over his sexual urges himself!

 The Final & Key Step:

Tony’s father’s oppressive and abusive control over Tony had left its mark. But after all of the previous work, there was still a missing piece. A split off part.  Tony’s father energetically pulled out of Tony, and used  Tony’s self esteem. This is VERY COMMON with  sexual addiction & other sexual abuse issues.

Shastra helped Tony identify the areas and incidents where soul loss may have occurred and  recommended  an experienced soul retrieval practitioner.

 As a result, Tony, after 20 years of a constant battle with himself and his loss of personal integrity, is fully recovered!


Introducing any soul retrieval work too soon, before Tony could move into a place of feeling truly connected to a higher source, would not have been beneficial, and could have reversed itself.

Introducing the tantric breath work and sessions with the dakini, after identifying one or more core issues that initiated his behavior & then releasing them from crucial areas of the brain; freed Tony to connect with his higher self, and accept the Spiritual Integration work necessary for a full recovery!

 Shastra  has integrated these modalities in specific sequencing thru 20 years of study & 6 yrs.observing sex addiction in a therapeutic setting.

 (For more information or to schedule a consultation with Shastra you may contact hervia  e mail her at




Hello Sensual Spirits!
Here are some delicious, deep and profound quotes from one of my teachers in the Himalayas!!!
• “When we realize the pure and heavenly nature of EVERYTHING….NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY THIS RADIANCE.”
• “A tantrica has learned the experience of profound contact WITH EVERYTHING!”
• “If you let go before touching deeply, that can bring on mental turmoil.”
• “Touching deeply; EVERYONE… EVERYTHING…. then letting go occurs naturally.”
• “Only total abandonment to the Mental can open us to the Divine.”
• “Without absolute Self Confidence of your expression, there is no opening of the heart.”





I have a question for you!  Can you describe what happens to you and what it feels like at the height of an orgasmic experience?
 What is sexual energy in its purest essence, without thoughts about what it represented in the past, or what emotional ties to sex we have developed, or what dependence we may have on the sexual experience?
The mind does play an important role, biologically in creating a pleasurable sexual experience in that the activation of the pineal gland and pituitary greatly assist our sex center to relax and open.
What happens when we allow this indescribable, beautiful, sexual energy to flow through every cell of our body and allow it to activate all energy centers of the body, and all of our subtle bodies?


When we experience this level of pleasure…ordinary sex becomes….Hi Sex… Then we realize that this sensation IS THE ENERGY TO POTENTIATE OUR ASCENSION!
I ONCE MET A MAN NAMED Michael Monk, a man who has the ability to partially dematerialize his body. In studying with him and learning his ‘Mastery of Enlightenment’ program, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the very first exercise in the program, which he says is the most important…. is the very exercise that I offer in my Level Two, ‘Full Body Awakening’ Workshop!
I have had the personal experience of feeling as if my legs were going to dematerialize during one of the daily practice breath work exercises that I do.


I know that our bodies, not our minds alone, hold the key for expanded states. For me, if I forget to do my practice I can slip into ordinary human states, we all experience; confusion, worry, and compression.
Human beings have only one energy, and in its raw, unrefined state this is sex. Through the practice of Tantra, your sexual energy becomes refined, leading you on a path to spiritual awakening.
 The intensity of sexual energy cannot be matched with any emotion known to humans. The force instigated by sexual energy can override even the most intense fears in a human; there is enough evidence to suggest that humans can undertake some extremely risky behaviors under the influence of this energy, which they would not dream of doing if they were not taken up by it. No other force has the power to inject the amount of courage, fearlessness, imagination, impetus, motivation and creativity that the force of sexual energy has. This is one reason why sex is the most sought after activity by humans and why sex is the major topic of discussion in all spiritual and religious literatures.
 When you don’t expend sexual energy through a physical release, it seems to channel into creative actions automatically – getting things done which you might not have had the energy to do previously.
– The force of this sexual energy has the power to burn through resistances within you (that arise from fears or phobias in the mind) – it’s like being under the influence of a powerful drug while also being conscious in its wake.
Be authentic/honest within yourself to recognize if you are a prisoner to your sex drive or if you are stable enough in your being to be able to contain this sexual energy without it playing the master.

With Ecstatic Love,






 We all feel, maybe half consciously, a potential of who we are and we know there is something more…..for us to experience….to give….to share…. with the world…..we may see glimpses from time to time thru out our life… extraordinary capability that we have….then the experience subsides….for maybe a decade.
 When I first started on my tantric path several years ago, I started to do the ecstatic breathing practices. I did them twice a week. Up until then I understood my body as an aid, to allow me to move around on planet earth. My focus, however, tended to be the idea that my body was more of a nuisance, a servant of my mind. Taking care of my body seemed to be too time consuming.
 Within two weeks of initiating the tantric breath work practices.…..WELL….. It happened very quickly….a brand new intelligence began to emerge with in me… a new, natural understanding of the importance & true nature of my body……of my soul….. A deeper truth of who I am , …….My body began to speak to me… a profound way…. in a way it never had before…..and it was truly life changing!!! A connection with high joy and the expanded state of my higher self became apparent. The energies of formlessness and form flowed in and out of me.
 Thru my practices, I am not the same. I know the higher aspect of my existence, how we are all meant to exchange our uniqueness, in every moment as we brush past a stranger,as we focus the amazing….energies emanating from our DNA itself…… We can heal each other ….we can heal ourselves.
 From a deep part of me I wanted to share this experience with you.

So Much love,


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