POSTED: March  15th, 2017

I Feel So Happy!

Hi Beautiful Beings!


I want to share with you from the heart, how the tantric path and practice has deeply changed me.  It is truly amazing.! 

  There is a place inside of us that all of know about, a place of such beauty, wonder and joy.  I know for me, I longed for this place, I knew it intellectually, but before I started on my tantric journey, it seemed illusive, I would tap into it maybe once a year if that.

I don’t know what has happened……  but now, this natural state of joy is truly within me.  It is me, it is what I radiate, and I can feel it in my body . The cells of my body emit it constantly, and it’s an amazing feeling. This feeling is independent of other humans or who I am in relationship to or if I am in a relationship at all.

I am so grateful to LOVE, and to knowing LOVE intimately,  and knowing that I am LOVE.   “ Lovers come and go but love remains.”

There is another quote of wisdom from one of my teachers from the Himalayas, “Absolute love does not rely on a single emotional fantasy, and it seems capable of expanding endlessly.”   

It has taken me a while to get here, I have certainly gone thru periods of “Not Love” &  “ Not Joy”,  looking on the outside for everything but it brought me a lot of stress and sadness.

Was  it opening my kundalini more fully?

Is it the gift of my own breath?

The flowing kundalini has, I’ll have to admit, opened me up to a whole new world of …..”Oh, this is who I really am!”   And I truly see my breath as my lover and constant companion.! WOW!!!  I AM SO BLESSED.

The more I radiate out the more this feeling of JOY expands within me.!


For those of you who have not experienced this love within yourself, I welcome you……. and would love to meet you….. in this place.!

Please reach out to me….. come to a gathering… contact me….. and share with me who you long to be.

With Immense, Deep & Open Love,



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POSTED: April 24th, 2016



Osho says~ “ If you become aware and alert, meditative;  then sex can be transformed into love.”


 *Her ‘Radiant Full Body Energy’, touching you…everywhere…. lighting up  every cell…. moving you to a place of ‘Deeper Awareness of Yourself’… and  helping  you create a ‘New Meaning’ to your existence as body and soul.

 *Surrendering  to a woman’s ‘Power and Magnetism’, Letting her Pull You… into her ‘Wise Cosmic Womb’… allowing yourself to re enter the safety and feeling of completeness you long for… returning to seed.

 *Letting her ‘Full’ & sometimes ‘Wild Sexual Expression’….. of all emotions….expand your potential and your masculine mission.



 . Feeling his ‘Strength’…… and  the ‘Safety & Gentleness’….. of his full body caress. Letting his worship, respect and adoration of you expand your radiance…. to the ends of creation.

 .Surrendering to his gift of ‘Presence and Power’….. to help you relax into your natural receptive feminine state…… shedding your  masculine protective wall.

 .’The Completeness Felt.’… as you ‘Feel his Willingness’…  he enters fully into your sacred unfathomable space of love…… you ‘Become Altered’….. FOREVER…..


The Beauty of Silent Meditation


~~~Slowly Moving apart~~~

Feeling the Love


Mutual Respect

Guarding & Protecting

each others Sovereignty



I was inspired to write you a message of tantric love today!

I hope you are having a yummy summer!  I am enjoying  paying attention to every minute detail of my bodies needs, wants and desires!!!

I would love to hear from you at any time!!!

Love & Blessings,



POSTED: january 6, 2016



 We’ve all experienced periods in our  lives where jealousy has creeped in, or come in with a roar, and ruined our relationships. As far as intimate personal relationships with the opposite sex, the issue of jealousy brings with it, deep emotional pain and confusion,                       and creates a grand opportunity to look deeper into our insecurities, and our honest feelings of sexual inadequacy and shame as well as our fears and judgments of the ‘betrayers’.

 I also feel that within all of us is an instinct, a true knowing,  we know when there is a real reason to feel jealous or not.  However, until we can identify and clear the shadow parts, a lot of times our emotional pain body takes over and this true knowing gets pushed to the sub conscious.

 A few years ago I was involved in a love triangle situation of sorts. It was such a huge growth for me.  There was a lot of lying and covering up the truth by all parties. That can make you go crazy.

What I realized that the betrayal I felt coming from the outside was the inner betrayal of my own integrity within me! . I was wishy washy about setting definite limits and the man involved felt it and knew he could get away with his behavior.



The issues of jealousy represent so many other hidden lessons waiting to be integrated.

…What happens when we don’t get our own way!

…Did we really seek to understand another?

…Did we back off or exit, when just the opposite would have created an opportunity to experience the oneness with self that comes through staying open with a hurt heart?

 Merging sexually with someone, for me, is very sacred, as with everyone, it is the way I move into my deepest vulnerability, it is the way I know who I am. So for me, my partner’s sexual activity with another  partner simultaneously,  left me feeling too raw, confused & I started to move into a place of inadequacy, comparison and shame.

 What I know through the study and practice of tantric relationships, is that rawness can remain scary or…. Can be transformed into a feeling of spiritual expansion, openness, fulfillment and oneness… if each partner is willing to continually come forward…. & stay open  with their deepest feelings, & their bodies, during sexual merging…. And if they are willing to Understand everything about their partners perspective…. Not their own.

 I am not a polyamorous person, because I believe to progress on the tantric path, there are TREMENDOUS benefits for staying with one partner for at least 2 months, to understanding every subtle energy shift, texture change within a partners  physical body and beyond, and to move into a  deep emotional understanding of each other, aided by the amazing tantric practices. .

 However, I highly respect the path of polyamoury and see a beautiful outcome for people if merged and blended with the tantric principles of uniting sex and spirit as one.  The whole key is in your intent.!

 As Osho says, “We can learn to become soulmates with anyone through the practice of sacred merging!”


In the case of a love triangle, even merging sexually with the partner after the dust settles, is actually healing if done with consciousness and regard for each others needs.

 I knew a couple who had many issues with jealousy. However, the moment they learned the practice of Hi Sex, and were able to create an amazing Oneness during sexual union, ….jealousy just dissolved!!!







 If you feel jealous, chances are there was not a deep feeling of connection and oneness in the first place, or that feeling subsided. Ponder how your sexual repression and armour helped create your partners straying,  then forgive….. YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!!





Posted: December  10, 2015


This is a beautiful story of Jordan and Anna and how their relationship was transformed by an experience of lovemaking following tantra training.

Jordan: We were moving slowly, just being present with each other.

Anna: In the past I would have felt left behind by Jordan’s level of excitement, but this time it was very different.

Jordan: We were one. What was happening in her happened in me. Before we have had moments of extreme closeness. But this time the veil that separates us was gone.

Anna: Our previous level of intimacy could be called simultaneous pleasure. But this experience, crosses over from separate but simultaneous to us becoming one body. The experience is that of sun & moon meeting, the warmth of moonlight and cool beauty in sunlight, yin & yang merged as one.

Since that experience, there is a feeling that all the busy-ness of life doesn’t touch our unity. Something has remained. There is a deeper quality of togetherness, which remains untouched by outward events. This brings a deep trust and security to our relationship. The depth of connection we have has swept away any insecurity that I used to feel, such as the concern that he would have an affair. The depth we have is so total, that anything else would simply be a ripple on the surface.

Jordan: I feel much freer to be as I am, mischievous, flirtatious or whatever. I feel free yet more in touch with the love, and the depth of connection I have with her.

I would like to say to lovers everywhere, keep going. Don’t stop half way. Go on until you either separate or transform. Feel honestly and be real honest with yourself. Let go of the voices that keep you from being really close & intimate. Dare to be vulnerable. Allow your little boy to emerge and discover your supernatural essence in the process.

Anna: My message to lovers everywhere is keep showing your vulnerability and call for the vulnerability of your partner. The magic comes out of that space. It may be the scariest place but it is where the magic is.. Maybe there are layers of healing before the ecstacy can come. But it is really a deep pleasure when truths are revealed. The peak pleasure comes only after relaxing into the valley of exposing your ordinary truth.

Posted: September 3rd, 2012





A famous tantra guru Sarita, out of London experienced a life changing set of shifts after engaging in a series of 28 lovemaking meditations with a friend, who she was not even attracted to at the time. After completing the lovemaking meditations Sarita & Geho fell in love and began their path of teaching tantra all over the world!

TANTRIC MEDITATION can take many forms. But what it may have in common with regular meditation is that whether done solo or with a partner, in tantric meditation, we focus our awareness with specific goals in order to raise our consciousness & integrate with our higher aspects.

There are active meditations, involving the breath. Also there are inactive, silent types of tantric meditations. Tantric meditations are designed and can be done solo or with a partner. They can be non sexual or sexual.


Help us focus upon our bodies, and are a great way to move into states of more self acceptance for our bodies. The active solo meditations, especially involving the breath are imperative for developing the ecstatic body. You must develop your own central channel before being able to transfer this expanded energy with a partner.

There are many solo meditations, that Shastra recommends for her clients.


Such as types of self pleasuring and sexual breathing practices. These assist in a profound way to de armour and shed emotional and physical blocks, and move you into states fo sexual wholeness you may never have experienced before.


These can be many forms of tantric dialogue, such as sharing sexual history, where you may be satisfied with your partner, and expressing what you may be missing and asking for what you want.

Shastra can guide couples in the most positive ways of verbal communication, so that each partner feels fully heard, possibly for the first time.

Other partnered meditations may include just lying together, sharing energy without touching, fulfilling the feminine, yin, essence, to recharge both partners.

Active, non sexual tantric meditations also include many types of tantric breath work that can be done together. There are so many possibilities!

Also, please watch the Tantra Show, (link on the home page) for other examples of tantric meditation!


Include lots of specific breathwork practices done during lovemaking to raise & refine raw sexual energy, using many different positions including the powerful yab yum position, which can break up the deepest blocks in intimacy. Also meditations to honor lingam & yoni, which are powerful in moving you into profound states of oneness and to be able to  open & relax in ones presence more fully!

Please contact Shastra with any inquiries or questions you may have.


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