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The classes, workshops & private sessions Shastra offers,  integrate the 3 aspects of modern tantra including: Understanding The Divine Masculine & Feminine,   Physical Tantric Exercises  thru sound, movement and breath, and Tantric Meditation, both solo & partnered.  There is no nudity in the classes, workshops or private sessions. 

 The exercises are for the purpose of raising & refining raw  sexual energy for spiritual integration & transformation. Communication between the Masculine & Feminine is key to creating wholeness within relationships.  She also integrates aspects of Ancient Tantra in her work as it brings a rich & deep perspective to the practice.

 Shastra’s  classes & workshops integrate the teachings of Margo Anand’s work, Osho,  and the  Ancient Shiviac Tantric path originating in the Himalayas.  The connection between sex and spirit has always held  deep reverence for Shastra .

She has studied all aspects of spirituality for many years and she has an extensive background in psychology & energy healing. Shastra also received a spiritual initiation from the inner planes while living in Denver, opening her crown chakra,central channel & heart chakra, which allows transference of tremendous love energy to others.

Shastra’s focus is to  release of all within you that does not allow the body to resonate in its natural state… Bliss.

She is the essence of Wise Woman Archetype and her  mission is to break up all patterns of resistance to love.


Shastra is a Kundalini Reiki Master, Reiki Master, ‘Healing Touch’ practitioner, Deeksha certified and ‘Bio Touch’ certified.


“I found my experience working with you Shastra to be profound, healing, insightful, and inspiring. I look forward to more.  Thank you.”

“You have a beautiful energy Shastra and your words are very well formed. I look forward to sharing your presence and to more healing!”

Thank you Shastra!   I had a blast working at coming out and being free.  You are a fabulous teacher  & healer and a gifted facilitator.  You are awesome and I am so very grateful you are in my life !”

” I want to thank you for the wonderful class last Thursday evening.  It was power packed yet gentle.  Oh yes, it just came to me, the word I am looking for to describe it is “transformational.”  I learned, extended beyond my comfort zone and felt my heart open.  You did a wonderful job teaching and chose an excellent selection of exercises and activities.  I have started daily breathing meditations per your instruction sheet.”

“Thank you Shastra, you are inspiring!”  

” Of all the work my husband and I have done over the past year, to save our 40 year marriage, including other tantra  workshops in other parts of the country, working with you, Shastra, has definitely been, by far, the most helpful.  We are still together, so that is quite an accomplishment!  You are the best!  We love you! ” September, 2016

 “You are very warm and caring with a strong core presence. You possess a uniquely insightful awareness and you have an amazing ability to see what others don’t see in themselves. You are very wise and it was inspiring to see how well prepared you were for the classes.”  November, 2016

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